Reading Eggs Book Pack Level 1

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Our much-loved Level 1 Book Pack is the perfect activity book bundle for children who are just starting out in their reading journey.

Bursting with fun, colourful and enjoyable activity books, flashcards, reading books and more, the Level 1 Book Pack matches the first 40 lessons of the Reading Eggs programme, allowing your child to practise their skills offline.

Research shows that children enjoy the greatest gains in learning by using a combination of digital and print resources. The Reading Eggs Level 1 Book Pack is guaranteed to bring a smile to your child’s face!

Suitable for children ages 4–6, the book pack can also be enjoyed as a standalone resource to support your child’s reading and writing skills at home.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 4 jam-packed activity books that match the first 40 lessons of the Reading Eggs programme

  • 200 colourful stickers and 4 mini posters that help your child track their reading progress and stay motivated to improve

  • 40 reading books which reinforce your child’s reading and phonics skills and are an excellent way to introduce them to physical books

  • alphabet flashcards featuring 52 alphabet and word cards, plus 7 fun phonics games.


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